The pic to the left is Joerg at 14 taken by a photographer who offered him a photoshoot

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He turned 16 in late July 2016 and competed for the first in 2015 - I wish him well! I think he has competed at weightlifting, not bodybuilding.

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As you may have guessed, Joerg is a lad of Russian origin, living in Attenburg and is at Lerchenberggymnasium Altenburg which is a school/university so English is a second language for him. Gymnasium is a type of school in Germany, roughly equal to a High School in UK.

Patrick and Joerg write here for you.

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Joerg began training early on, probably having seen his father exercising. He does not (see below) specify how much weight he used, but I'm not in favour of trying very heavy weights (no more than a few kilos) at a young age. Bodyweight, calisthenics style exercise is all youngsters should really attempt. Push ups, pull ups (with under and over grip). Under (narrow spaced) hold is biceps mainly and over (wide spaced) hits the lats more.

Note that he says he was guided by his dad. That is important, as is using proper "form" at all times and doing the movements slowly, especially the negative or lowering stage.

How good or bad is the German translation here?

Joerg begann die Ausbildung am Anfang, wahrscheinlich nach gesehen, sein Vater der Ausübung. Er nicht (siehe unten) angeben, wie viel Gewicht er verwendet, aber ich'm nicht zugunsten der Versuch sehr schwere Gewichte (nicht mehr als ein paar Kilo) an einem jungen Alter. Körpergewicht, calisthenics Stilübung ist Alle Jugendlichen sollten wirklich versuchen. Push-ups, Pull-ups (mit unter und über Grip). Unter (schmaler Abstand halten) ist hauptsächlich Bizeps und mehr (breite Abstand) Hits der Lats mehr. Beachten Sie, dass er sagt, dass er sich von seinem Vater.

Beachten Sie, dass er sagt, dass er sich von seinem Vater. Das ist wichtig, da sich mit der richtigen "Form" in allen Zeiten und dabei die Bewegungen langsam, insbesondere die negativen oder Senken der Bühne.

Apologies, but as a result of the deletion of his channel by YouTube the video links are NLA.

In his own words.
He was 11 in the pic to the left, 12 in the one to the right.

"I started doing pushups with 6 years, when I was 8 my father teached me how to do benchpress, squats and pull ups."

"Then I didn't train for a year, with 12 years I started again exercising at home."

"I asked my father if he could train me again - And he did."

Pics here are from this first video at YouTube


Jeremy at 14, not Joerg. Jeremy was similar in build, to Joerg top left, as you can see. He had been in a contest when the pic was taken. Joerg plans to enter a contest this year at 15.

The page is a combined effort. The training suggestions relate to teens up to 15 or so, or initially ANY teen new to training. In other words don't run until you can walk!

See the training Joerg currently uses for arms (captioned stills) - Video here.

The abs are very important for posture and for general body form for twists and turns. Bear in mind that there are alternative exercises

See the training Joerg uses for chest here

 See Routines page too.

Pics after 2 months training at home.

Pics are caps from YouTube.


Sergey Litvinov (at 19)

Remember that Sergei (19 in the pic) had been training seriously since early teens. You can't get a solid bod like his overnight. In both the pics below Joerg is about 14 or very late 13.(Birthday July). The headline pic (top left) is about a year later.

Posing and flexing at 14

Competition posing outside - Practice for later in 2015.

Pics below are screen caps from his "Summer Aesthetic" video (NLA)

Almost a Usain Bolt pose!

Dips on bars at the beach. Do these slowly and steadily. Feel the weight on the lowering stage.

Dips at full low position. Some say stop at 90 degree elbow angle.

An impressive pose showing how well his chest, shoulders and arms are growing

Standard double biceps pose. Shows excellent deltoids too.

He is carrying very little bodyfat.

Link to this video

Bigger or simply better toned?

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The use of weights can have these two effects.

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