The pic to the left is of Adam Rickitt as a late teenager. A more recent one, appears here. He has also taken part in a testicular cancer awareness site! I would like to put a member pic there to introduce new ones.


This page includes new page information and links to changes in the current pages. Updating can now be any day as I had to retire at 65. Use the email link left to submit questions, answers, photos etc. You can also set up a link from here to like minded bodybuilders, to share advice, wherever they are. Huge size is not everyone's aim. Any individual training program ideas are very welcome. All entries are credited.

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April 1st.

March total hits to the site totalled 137 Thank you all.

April 1st.

Even though Google still links to it, YouTube have deleted Joerg Grinwald's channel. This means none of the video links at Joerg1, Joerg2 and Joerg3 work.This is a very negative step on their part.

April 1st.

New contests. Entries here please for juniors up to 17 here in costumes and for a naturist contest without costumes 18 and above only. Entered poses must be tasteful and hands off. Your face can be masked if you prefer.

April 5th.

Update to site index page.

April 7th.

Contest pages activated and revised. Please submit entries. Current hits = 58.

April 8th.

New Music updates page. Includes link to an excellent page on Scott Walker - Died 22nd March.

April 13th.

Hits to date = 94 At 10:09

April 13th.

Reductions on the Omskteens and the Omskteensv pages. The TSA site is closed now. I don't plan to upload any more videos to YouTube unless there are requests to do so.

April 14th.

Edits to posegal2 and posegal3 to include the magazine adverts. Current hits = 100.

April 16th.

First entry to the naturist contest. He shows all so if you are under 18 or in the presence of youngsters, do not view this page.

April 20th.

Hits to date 131 (at 12:13). Update to Posegal page - contests offer see April 1st.

April 22nd.

Adjustments to contest entry notification on posegal page. There are cash prizes for both contests.

April 25th.

New updates to the Measles page after WHO reports. Sponheim is WRONG - dangerously so!

May 1st.

Hits in April 198. Thank you.

 May 4th.

Regarding the naturist contest without costumes 18 and above only. (See April 1st and 14th.) If there are no more entries by the end of this month, the contest will be withdrawn. Entered poses must be tasteful and hands off. Your face can be masked if you prefer.

May 5th.

Tomorrow on ITV at 21:00 there is a "Full Monty" style programme with reference to testicular cancer. See also here.

May 5th.

In view of hits to the Denis Kropotof pages, I am seeing if I can add the videos again. Click this link and this link. There are links there to two short demo clips.

May 11th.

Regarding the naturist contest without costumes 18 and above only. (See April 1st and 14th.). There is a prize for the winner of this contest if proof of identity is given. Hits so far this month = 82 (at 12:48)

May 12th.

New entry in that "blog".

There are a number of errors in the text they have added above. My text was added on Oct 24th. 2012. The images I am supposed to have been "bringing to the world" were ALREADY THERE! Some, but not all were in bodybuilding suits rather than board shorts or jeans. I have NEVER claimed qualifications, but did train at a local gym at the time I set up the website. Advice on safety is all I give. The rest is from site members. That is PLAIN to see. The "bloggers" just repeat the same distortions, like Donald Trump.

May 12th.

YouTube Was NOT justified in deleting the Joerg Grinwald account. It contained exercise routines and videos showing his progress. The "bloggers" have no right to smear Joerg in this "blog". I'm not sure they have read over the last grey paragraph before posting it. 13 year old images? Some have been on the site for that long - showing progression!

May 13th.

The blog listed above seems to have gone already. Test link.

May 14th.

It seems to have been a temporary break (above).

May 21st.

Regarding the naturist contest without costumes 18 and above only. (See April 1st and 14th.) There are now three excellent entries. Note this page has fully naked front poses, conforming to the contest conditions.

June 1st





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Test point

A Question. How does a diabetic go about bodybuilding? There is a guy in another group who has asked about this. Any member have any info, or know where to look? See entry below

Michael was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 6. In 2007, his blood sugar rose too high and he went into a coma. When he woke up, his doctor advised that he should take better care of himself. Read on to learn how he put on 60 lbs of muscle!

Diabetes. How can you workout if you suffer From it?
Fitness Freak, Rockie S.

Diabetes is a chronic life disease which has affected people all over the world. It's more important in view of the fact that the incidence and prevalence of Diabetes is increasing in endemic proportions and in another 10 years the number of diabetic patients in world will just be double. It has affected my life too as both my parents are diabetics as are millions of other persons. However still, regular exercise combined with good nutrition can help in controlling Diabetes to a great extent. I'm specifically writing this article to give tips to the diabetics on how to improve their fitness after a lot of research I have done on the net.

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